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When Do You Need to Call a Repair Technician for Your Ice Maker

Ice makers have become a convenience in many homes. Unfortunately, ice maker repairs can be complicated. So, when your ice maker starts to have problems, you may wonder whether you need to call in a [...]

Trends to Watch For in 2018 Kitchens

Whether you’re planning on a renovation or simply want to keep your kitchen up to date, there are lots of trends for this year that are worth looking out for. These trends can provide you [...]

Tips to Keep Your Dryer in Great Condition

For many of us, there is nothing nicer than putting on a warm shirt fresh out of the dryer. Dryers have become a vital appliance in many homes, but not everything in the modern world [...]

A Brief History of Your Dishwasher

Dishwashers have become an essential appliance in any home. Approximately three quarters of American homes have a dishwasher, making it a vital part of home life. While you may take your dishwasher for granted as [...]

Simple Tips to Reduce the Energy Costs of Your Refrigerator

With rising energy costs, it can feel like your refrigerator is simply sucking up all your money. A good refrigerator is essential to keep your produce fresh and prolong the lifespan of your food. Unfortunately, [...]

Oven Maintenance to Prepare for Baking

Whether you enjoy baking a pie or making breads, you need to ensure that your oven is ready to handle this potentially delicate task. While preparing any type of meal needs a reliable oven, in [...]

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