Buying a Home? Be Sure to Evaluate Old Appliances

When you’re buying a home, there are so many things to check, an appliance inspection isn’t usually a high priority. Unfortunately, appliances work very hard to make our lives far easier, and a quick inspection [...]

A Safety Guide For Your Vintage Appliances

Vintage appliances are more than just because you can’t afford a new model. The right vintage appliance can add character and charm to your decor. Regardless of how old it is, if you love your [...]

Top Safety Tips for Your Home Appliances

Home appliances make life more comfortable, but if they are operated unsafely, they can also put you at significant risk. It is vital that you not only protect your appliances, but ensure that you and [...]

Common Mistakes You Might Be Making With Your Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal is considered to be a vital feature in any kitchen, but this device can often be unappreciated. Whether it is holiday festivities or simple family life, your garbage disposal is likely to [...]

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How to Clean Your Built-in Coffee Maker

There is nothing quite like waking up to a great cup of coffee, which is why many homeowners have invested in a luxury, built-in coffee maker. These devices can provide premium coffee like you would [...]

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Cleaning Tips to Help Prevent Repair Issues

Appliances tend to have a tough life in a modern home. We rely on our appliances to make life easier, and they are often taken for granted. Unfortunately, this can lead to neglect and premature [...]

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