Common Mistakes You Might Be Making With Your Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal is considered to be a vital feature in any kitchen, but this device can often be unappreciated. Whether it is holiday festivities or simple family life, your garbage disposal is likely to [...]

How to Clean Your Built-in Coffee Maker

There is nothing quite like waking up to a great cup of coffee, which is why many homeowners have invested in a luxury, built-in coffee maker. These devices can provide premium coffee like you would [...]

Cleaning Tips to Help Prevent Repair Issues

Appliances tend to have a tough life in a modern home. We rely on our appliances to make life easier, and they are often taken for granted. Unfortunately, this can lead to neglect and premature [...]

Exploring Different Types of Appliance Installations

When purchasing a new appliance, you may give very little thought to the installation, but the way you choose to have an appliance installed can add to the overall aesthetics and style of your kitchen. [...]

Appliance Considerations for Your Kitchen Renovation

Are you tired of repairing old kitchen appliances and resurfacing your cabinets for the 3rd time?  Renovating your kitchen can be an exciting time, but before you get carried away looking at countertop samples or [...]

Poor Appliance Installation May Cost You Thousands of Dollars

The right appliances can make life easier and more enjoyable. Modern appliances are designed to help you manage your home and a busy lifestyle. While many people spend days or even weeks agonizing over their [...]

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